Bringing old Handwritings back to Life

There are a lot of cases of old German handwriting out there, and in many cases it cannot be read by those who possess it. German is a very old language that has gone through many changes over the centuries. Changes in how German was written have been made, as recently as 1941.

All of these changes mean that there are a number of pieces of old German handwriting out there that younger generations cannot read. These pieces tend to be forgotten, set aside, and sometimes even thrown away because no one can understand them. However, it is possible to bring those old writings back to life.

Changes in German

There have been many changes in the German language over the years. When the German language was in its development stages, it went through a change in some areas and not in others.

This brought about two forms of the German language at one time, Low German and High German. Old high German was used in a number of areas for centuries, and therefore there are a lot of writings using that language. Today we speak standard German, which is a combination of the two older forms of the language.

German writing has also undergone many changes over the centuries. Old gothic script was originally used long back. Then a form of writing called Kurrent was developed. There were many variations of Kurrent, although Sutterlin Kurrent became the most commonly used in schools and government after the 1800s. This form of writing was very hard to learn and hard to read, and created a language barrier. Therefore, a newer form of handwriting was introduced by the Nazi regime in 1941, and Kurrent was banned from the schools.

However, the system of writing was not lost. Elective courses in Kurrent were offered in Germany after the war was over, and some universities still teach the script. Therefore, there are those alive who can read old German handwriting. You can take advantage of the knowledge of these people to get your documents transcribed or translated.

Giving Old German New Life

Thanks to continuing education courses in High German and Kurrent, there are those that can read the documents you have in old German. It is entirely possible to find someone to translate the documents into contemporary German or English. These individuals may be few and far between, but there are services available via the internet where you can get this done at a reasonable price and fairly easily.

All you need to do is produce a copy of the old German script, and pay the fee. The professional transcribers will do the rest. They will read your documents and transcribe them into whatever language you choose– German or English.

This allows you to understand what was left behind by your ancestors, and pass that information along to your descendents. It brings new life to german script of any time period, and makes it so that information belonging to old families and businesses will not be lost or forgotten. Bring new life to your old German handwriting today, mail us at