German Handwriting Translation

With many generations passed, people in the western world are starting to take a closer look at their ancestors. The new world that seems relatively peaceful and wealthy has allowed people the freedom and free time to actually pursue information about their relatives. German handwriting translation is a service that professionals offer to make the […]

The Old German Handwriting

Language changes dramatically over time and the old German handwriting is vastly different than today’s print. There are plenty of historians, anthropologists, and interested families that want to learn how to understand and translate German handwriting to learn more about the past. The history of the Germanic language is interesting and says a lot about […]

Old German Handwriting – Transcription and Translation

 We now offer more information on our service for English speaking customers on our German Handwriting information page. In 1941 the German government dictated a change in the handwriting taught to schoolchildren. This led to the situation, that many younger Germans cannot read  old handwritten materials. The old German handwriting, also known as old German […]